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Top Skills Employers Look for in their Employees

What are the top skills employers look for? What are the secrets to be the performer in your Organization? Why can’t you finish all of your tasks on time? How can you manage workplace stress? What are the skills, everyone should have? Etc. The below article will help you with words, photographs, and video contents to overcome all the questions above.

Categories of Top Skills Employers Look for

It can be categorized under two broad heads: a) Related to Person’s Work/Job, and b) Related to Person’s Attitude/Approach. Both types of Skills of a Job Holder are listed as below:

a) Related to Person’s Work/Job

  • Knowledge of the Field: This is the key pillar, to be successful in your job. Learn as much as possible about your major tasks as well as related tasks. Know your job properly rather than Government or US President!
  • Scheduling: If you cannot control your work, your work will control you. To control your work you have the only solution that is strong scheduling capability. You need to maintain To-Do-List, reminder, diary, etc. with setting priorities.
  • Understand the Impact of a Paper: To understand the impact of a paper is Job. Habituate yourself to ask and have the answer of the “Wh” questions towards a paper/work.
  • Confidentiality: What is confidential and what is not, is very difficult to identify. So, you have to identify which are confidential for you and around you. Don’t be sold with someone’s technique or smartness. Remember, they may have the strategies to drive you in favor of or against any information if you just say a single word “yes/no”.
  • Ownership of the Work: We are the owner of our personal property but not the job! Why? We need to remember, it is also my baby. Therefore, we need to take ownership first.
  • Punctuality: Erase the misconception, punctuality is not timely coming at the office only. Yes, finishing tasks timely is the biggest part of your punctuality.
  • Time Management: Build your habit to work on time. Tomorrow is tomorrow, not today.
  • Engagement at Work: It is better to count the number of tasks done, rather than count the number of hours has gone. Don’t just burn the hours, rather utilize the hours.
  • Quality of Work: Your quality is your brand. So, don’t let your brand down.
  • Technologically Sound: You have to be technologically sound not paralyzed. You have to be very good with technologies, professional software, user-defined software e.g. MS Office (at least word, excel, PowerPoint, etc).

b) Related to Person’s Attitude/Approach

Skills Employers Look for
  • Transparency: Do not keep your team, leader, and management in dark or blind. Be transparent by maintaining confidentiality.
  • Employee Relations (Customers’ Satisfaction): Who says the HR department does not have customers? Your colleagues are your customers, make them happy first! Relations will be healthy automatically.
  • Smile and other Facial Expressions: Nobody finds what’s inside you! Probably, they find what is expressing you! So, be a good actor in terms of expressions. You will be able to convert a situation complex to easy with this skill.
  • Body Language: Body language represents the persons. A politician’s moves are different than the teacher. Similarly, a wrestler’s approach is different than the chess player. So, you have to decide when you will act like what.
  • Fashion: Be smart and tasteful about your fashion e.g. dresses and accessories. Respect the culture while you are in the organization or the place you are at.
  • Communication Skills: Furthermore, this is the skill to make understand someone regarding a matter. Be the smart communicator.
  • Can-Do Approach: Be positive and optimistic. Hence, delete It is not possible, I cannot do it, etc. these types of negative approach. Rather, replace these by let’s have a try, though I am a little busy with this task-but I can manage, Sure please leave it to me, etc.
  • Think-Others Approach: You have sent an excel file to someone. Have you confirmed the page setup (is it ready to print)? If, yes, you have the think others approach this particular task. Apply this think others approach in your every works towards persons, environment, animal, etc.
Top Skills Employers Look for in their Employees Related to Person’s Attitude / Approach
  • Think-out-of-the-Box: Drive yourself towards the outside of the boundaries of work, impacts of work, relevance with other areas, etc.
  • Result Oriented: 99% is equal to “0” zero unless you have delivered 100% to your customer. So, be the finisher.
  • Effectiveness: How accurately or standardly you can do the works is effectiveness.
  • Efficiency: How effectively and timely you can do the works is efficiency.
  • Talker vs Doer: Remember, too much talkative may not be appreciated all the time. Therefore, be the doer, people will talk about you.
  • 5S: Just say the name of any task, definitely will fall under the Japanese concept “5S”.
  • Excuses: Therefore, avoid giving excuses this, that, etc. rather, say, sorry, it is my lack of effort, I am giving more concentration on this.
  • Make your own Place: Make your own place, maybe no one will leave their place for you.
  • Personal Development: Finally, make a promise to yourself that you will not go to sleep unless you learn something. Introduce a group study as well as self-study culture in the organization especially within the team.

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