Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection Process of an Organization

Recruitment and Selection is one of the common functions of Human Resources Management Department. Even the organizations that do not have the advanced level of HR practices, but have the recruitment and selection activities.

However, the complete Recruitment and Selection Process includes the following steps.

Pre-selection Activities (the starting stage of Recruitment & Selection Process)

  1. Manpower Requisition
  2. Job Advertisement Preparing & Posting
  3. CV or Resume Screening
  4. Inviting for the Employment Test and/or Interview
  5. Conducting Employment Test
  6. Conducting Interview
  7. Sending Gentle Rejection Email
  8. Negotiation

Pre-joining Activities

  1. Issuing Offer Letter
  2. Requesting the Copies of Documents, Photos and References
  3. Reference and Background Checking
  4. Certificates and Possible Documents Verifying (Online)
  5. Completing profile entry at HRMS/HRIS
  6. Developing Backup Employee Personal File
  7. Confirming Company Email ID, Company Cell Number, PABX Extension Number
  8. Preparing Employee ID Card, Business Card
  9. Making well prepared the Work Station / Desk

On-joining Activities (the final stage of Recruitment & Selection Process)

  1. Welcoming New Colleagues
  2. Handover Appointment Letter, Job Descriptions, ID Cards etc.
  3. Completing Bank Account Opening Works for Salary
  4. Sending new Colleagues to Employee Induction Program

Recruitment and Selection Process in Detail

Recruitment and Selection

Manpower Requisition: At first, the respective department head will raise the manpower requisition through the prescribed ‘Manpower Requisition Form’. After that HR department will review the requisition and finally the approval authority (HR Head/MD/CEO/ED) will approve the requisition.

Job Advertisement Preparing and Posting: The HR department will prepare the job advertisement and post on the company website, social medias (Facebook, LinkedIn etc), jobs portal, company notice board etc.

Candidate Screening: Secondly, the HR will screen the all the job applications and also check the existing CV bank in collaboration with the respective department head.

Invitation: Thirdly, HR department will invite the candidates through email, SMS and phone call.

Employment Test: HR department will set the questionnaires in collaboration with respective department head, candidate attendance sheet. The department is also responsible to conduct and evaluate the employment tests, for example written, IQ, skills tests etc.

Interview: The Candidate Assessment Sheet needs to be ready which will be done by the HR. This interview may be in the form of one to one or board. In most of the situations interview board is better because respective department head and head of HR should be there. HR will arrange the interview. HR department should try to finish all the issues with the candidate in a single day. Rather than calling them first day for test, second day for preliminary interview, third day for final interview!

Rejection Email: In addition to confirm the selected colleague, send a gentle rejection email to the candidate who have not been selected. It increases organizational brand value.

Negotiation: Finally, according to the outcomes of the tests and interviews HR department will negotiate with the candidate.

Pre-joining Activities

Issuing Offer Letter: I suggest to issue the offer letter not the appointment letter in-fact the salary amount will not be mentioned in the offer letter. I am suggesting this because I have seen, once the candidate got the salary mentioned letter, he submitted to his current organization and received hike in salary and finally have not joined. So, appointment letter will be handed over on the day of joining.

Requesting the Copies of Documents, Photos and References: These document are essential for candidate background checking or reference checking and preparing the Employee Personal Confidential File.

Reference and Background Checking: In the present context every HR must check the candidates background and the references he/she has given. Reference may be checked through the prescribed form. Moreover, background may be checked by the third party or by the police.

Certificates Verifying: In my experience, I have seen number of candidates to do fraud with their education. From that bitter experience I have started to verify their certificates from their educational institution or result publishing website’s archive.

Completing profile entry at HRMS/HRIS: I prefer to complete the HRMS employee information entry in the website by the colleague himself. HR may share the general information module to the colleague. However, it is better to input employment related or any sensitive/confidential information by the HR department.

Developing Backup Employee Personal File: A backup Employee Personal File may be kept. Actually, it is better to have the Employee Personal Soft Files. But if you want you may have the similar hard copy of Employee Personal file.

Logistics Support: Confirm these types of logistics support for example Company Email ID, Company Cell Number, PABX, Employee ID Card, Business Card etc.

On-joining Activities

Making well prepared the Work Station / Desk: Assume yourself as the new joiner. If you get well decorated work station/desk! For example computer, ID card, business card, telephone, mobile, notebook, pen, desk calendar and the flower bouquet, then what will be your feelings! So, try to make sure all the things.

Handover Appointment Letter, Job Descriptions, ID Card: Therefore, issue the appointment letter, job description, ID card etc.

Completing Bank Account Opening Works for Salary: Most important is to complete all the formalities to open new colleague’s salary account. Above all, it is the physiological need. So, make sure that the salary from first month is disbursing through the colleague’s salary account.

Sending new Colleagues to Employee Induction Program: The final stage of this process. After completing all the formalities send the new colleagues to the Employee Induction Program.

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