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List of the HR Policies and Procedures

Developing HR policies and procedures is one of the key works of the Human Resources Management Department. In many organizations, it has been seen that they have the policies and procedures in writing but not in practice. So, it is important to implement these. Actually these are the service rules and regulations followed by the employees as well as the organization.

Common HR Policies and Procedures practiced in the Organizations

All the organizations already have the human resources management policies and procedures either in written form or in a practice. I suggest the policies and procedures must be in the written form and open to all employees. The open policies and procedures will bring:

  • Transparency regarding any actions and benefits
  • Sustainable motivation as employees know if I achieve that position I will get those benefits
  • Abolishing of case-to-case different decision-taking tendency by the management

Organizations must have the following HR policies and procedures for their employees:

  • Manpower Planning
  • Recruitment and Selection Policy and Process
  • Employees Personal Confidential Files (PCF) and Records Keeping
  • Working Environment Policy
  • Employee Induction Program (EIP)
  • Probation Period and Confirmation Policy
  • Performance Management System and Appraisal
  • Training & Development Policy
  • Promotion Policy
  • Transfer Policy
  • Employees’ Job Grades and Titles
  • Meeting Policy
  • Statutory Holidays
  • Official Working Hours
  • Identity Card (ID Card) Using Policy
  • Conditions of Restrictions on Employment
  • Policy on Re-employment
  • First Aid Treatment Access
  • Dress Code Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Vehicle Using Policy
  • Employee Attendance Policy
  • Employee Leave Policy
  • Grievance Management Procedure
  • Disciplinary Rules
Salary and Benefits

The Service Rules & Regulations related to the Salary and Benefits are:

  • Remuneration and Benefits Policy
  • Salary Allowances
  • Medical Allowances
  • Pay Structure/Scale
  • Overtime and Compensatory Time off
  • Increment Policy
  • Employees’ Contributory Provident Fund
  • Lunch Policy
  • Gratuity Policy
  • Festival Bonus
  • TA/DA Policy
  • Leave Fare Assistance (LFA)
  • Allotment of Mobile and Allowances

Rules and Regulation on Employment Separation

  • Policy on Resignation from the Service
  • Retrenchment/Redundancy Policy
  • Employee Termination Policy
  • Discharge Policy
  • Dismissal Policy
  • Retirement Policy
  • Death
  • Employee Exit Interview Policy
  • Final Settlement & Clearance Certificate

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