Functions of HR Department

Key Functions of Human Resources Department

As a Human Resources Management professional, you have to have a clear understanding of the key functions of Human Resources Management Department. That means, you must know, what are the actual tasks of a Human Resources Management Department. Here is an article on, what does the Human Resources Management Department Actually Do?

Categories of the Functions

The key functions of the Human Resources Management Department can be primarily classified into two areas. Namely:

  • Organization and Human Resources Development Related Functions
  • Human Resources Management / Maintenance Related Functions

Organization and Human Resources Development Related Functions

  1. Human Resources Policy: Development of human resources policy, procedure, employee handbook, employee service rules and regulations etc.
  2. Human Resource Planning: Ensuring effective human resource planning or maybe called manpower planning for the organization.
  3. Succession Planning: Identifying and developing the next leader.
  4. Organogram: Preparation of organogram / organization management chart / organizational structure / organizational hierarchy.
  5. Budget: Preparation of human resources management departmental annual budget
  6. SOP & QSP: Development of standard operating procedure (SOP), quality system procedure (QSP), etc.
  7. Job Grade: Preparation of employee job grades for the organization.
  8. CTC: Calculation of all employees cost to the company (CTC).
  9. Position JD: Preparation of job description for each job position of the organization.
Functions Human Resources Management Department

Human Resources Management / Maintenance Related Functions

  1. Job Analysis: Organizational analysis to job evaluation.
  2. Recruitment and Selection: Conducting recruitment and selection process (manpower requisition to final placement)
  3. Personal Files: Preparing and updating employee personal confidential file (PCF) and records with adequate documents
  4. Employee Database: Employee database maintaining and updating (e.g. HRMS, register, excel files, etc.)
  5. HR Automation with Mobile Apps: Working for HR Automation (HRMS/ HRIS/ HR Software/ Payroll Software, etc.)
  6. Orientation / Employee Induction/ Socialization: Conducting employee socialization/employee induction program (EIP).
  7. Leave Management: Managing employee leave, day-off, holiday, etc.
  8. Attendance Management: Managing daily employee attendance, late, absence, etc.
  9. Salary & Remuneration: Preparation and disbursement of employee salary & remuneration.
  10. Employee Benefits & Allowances: Preparation and disbursement of employee benefits and allowances.
  11. Employee Training: Conducting employee training and learning process.
  12. Probation & Confirmation: Monitoring employee probation period and conducting the confirmation process.
  13. Performance Management: Conducting employee performance management system (PMS) and appraisal.
  14. Motivation: Through monetary benefits as well as non-monetary benefits.
  15. Change Management: Dealing with employee change management process e.g promotion, transfer, etc.
  16. Grievance: Handling employee grievance, improve employee relations and maintaining a healthy working environment.
  17. Disciplinary: Handling employee disciplinary rules and action process.
  18. Expatriate Service: Deal with foreign employee recruitment and all the service to work in Bangladesh.
  19. Employment Separation: Dealing with employee resignation or termination by the employer.
  20. Exit Process: Dealing with employee exit interviews.
  21. Clearance & Final Settlement: Ensuring employee clearance and full & final settlement with the organization.
  22. Reports: Preparing human resources management department related reports.
  23. Letter & Applications: Preparing relevant letters and applications for the department.
  24. Forms & Formats: Preparing relevant forms and formats.
  25. Office Circular & Others: Preparing relevant Circulars, Minutes, Notes, Memos, etc.
  26. HR Audit: Conducting internal audit & external audit of the department.

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