HR Seminar Speech

HR Seminar Speech on Job Interview & Performance

First of all, I would like to thank the Management of the Bangladesh Islami University and the Executive Committee of the BIU HR Fest for honoring me by providing the opportunity to share some thoughts with you all and of course for arranging such a fantastic HR Seminar. Happy New Year! Happy New Year!!

Hey, Dude what’s up! Why are you laughing dude! You are HR. You will have super corporate colleagues as well as yo-yo colleagues! Right? So, you have to manage all.

I am gonna talk about 5 topics.

  1. No Job in the Industry
  2. No Math in the HR
  3. Have to do Smart Work
  4. Don’t be Technologically Paralyzed and
  5. The Dynamic Skills

No Job in the Industry!

Job seekers say ‘no jobs and Employers say no suitable candidates. It’s like the water ‘water is everywhere but cannot drink all’. So, you, you need to be drinkable water. Let’s be!

The interviewer asked what do you know about Recruitment & Selection? You may answer ‘Getting the right people in the right place’. Explained well in a sentence. Or, you may answer, ‘I understand about recruitment & selection is getting manpower requisition from the department, reviewing & approving by the HR, determining the source if external: prepare & posting advertisement, preliminary screening, conducting employment test, interviewing, negotiating, background checking, and finally placement.’ In-depth. So, you have to identify which answer your interviewer will like.

And you will fix what will be the next question from your interviewer. For example, if you are able to explain well about the Employee Induction program. Then you will continue: After the recruitment & selection process done, we must conduct 3 days long employee induction program. Here, you are driving your interviewer towards the next question, ‘Would you please tell us about the Employee Induction Program?’ Or, you are not well prepared about the Induction program but you are good in personal file management, then you will say ‘once recruitment & selection is done we have to prepare and update smart employee personal file. Now, the interviewer’s question is what do you mean by smart employee personal files/how do you prepare and update personal files? And, see he is not going to that question on the employee induction program.

No Math in HR!

All the attendees of this HR Seminar, please put your hands up, those who are in HR due to afraid mathematics. Huh! So many of you. Let me clear you, you need to be good at math to be good in HR.

As for example, you are working with restructuring compensation and benefits. Your management wants to fix the Basic Salary at 60%. But you proposed to fix it at 50%. Previous festival bonuses were 2 at basic salary (60%+60%= 120%); now, festival bonuses are (50%+50%= 100%) & requesting management to give rest 20% as New Year bonus. See the result you are giving 3 bonuses per year but no additional cost as you can calculate well.

Another example, you are doing gratuity provision. The gratuity rule is 1 basic per year (latest basic) & you are having provision for gratuity amount as

First Year: Basic 15,000/-

Second Year: Basic 20,000/-

Third Year: Basic 25,000/-

Total Taka: 60,000/-

Actual Amount: 75,000/- (as latest basic is 25,000/-)

How will you pay the gap amount? Anyone of this HR Seminar? So, you have to very sharp in calculations.

HR Seminar Speech by Mahmud

Have to do Smart Work rather Hard work: a promise of all, in this HR Seminar

It is the year 2020. So, we need to do the works in the T20 style. Shortcut. Smart.

Have you eaten candy? Who? Good most of us. So, have you got blank candy packets, which means no candy inside? I see! you have also got.

So, to address the error consultant has been hired, they researched and submitted a proposal that needs to install a digital scanning machine. That will segregate the blank pack and the filled packet. But, such installment is costly and time lengthy.

One of the technicians comes and requested to install a ‘Fan’ that segregates blank packets from the filled packets. Huh huh very smart.

Don’t be Technologically Paralyzed

Need to be technologically sound both Employee and employer. Don’t think how you will type 500 letters, rather think how you will generate 500 letters by 1 click. And I believe lots of you are present at this HR Seminar by using technology e.g. apps, maps, etc.

Dynamic Skills my last Topic of today’s HR Seminar

Some people say soft skills, some people say hard skills, but I say dynamic skill. Whenever needed, whichever the skill (soft or hard) just apply. Click to get the list of Dynamic Skills.

Crest to Mahmudul Hasan Khan

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