Employee Personal File

How to organize Employee Personal File?

Organizing employee personal file is one of the core Function of Human Resources Management Department. Once you have done the Recruitment & Selection Process, you need to develop personal file which may be the digital version or hard file. In case of hard file an Organization may request the file supplier to supply specified files with its own logo which will be used for personal file only. As for example, The Daily Star’s Employee Personal File.

Arranging Employee Personal File

You can develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on personal file arrangement. You can follow the process as given below to arrange personal file.

  1. Employee ID Number (on top and side of the file)
  2. Recent Color Photo (Inside of the file Cover)
  3. Change Letters (Date wise: latest date on top)
  4. Job Description
  5. Appointment Letter
  6. Application for Provident Fund or other Benefits
  7. Reference and Background Checking Form
  8. Candidate Assessment Form or Interview Form
  9. Employment Test’s Answer Script
  10. Manpower Requisition Form

Administrative Documents (Flap or file Separator)

  1. Disciplinary Records
  2. Vehicle-Related Documents
  3. Nomination/Visa related Documents

Personal Documents (Flap or file Separator)

  1. Employee Information Form/Employee Transcript
  2. Color Photo of Nominee(s)
  3. NID/Passport of Nominee(s)
  4. Previous Companies’ Experience/Release Letter
  5. Immediate Left Organization’s Salary Certificate
  6. Training and Other Certificates
  7. Academic Certificates
  8. Income Tax Certificate
  9. Driving Certificate
  10. NID/Birth Certificate
  11. Passport
  12. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)

In Details

Employee ID Number:  Firstly, I will request to choose a non-transparent file as employee personal file. Where, only employee ID number will be shown on top and side of the file. So that no one can guess easily that the HR department is working on whose file.

Recent Color Photo: Just turn the file’s frond cover page and you see the employee’s recent color photo inside the front cover page. It helps your management to recall the colleague.

Change Letters: It means, the copy of letters already has been issued to the colleagues which changes the colleague’s position in the organization like promotion, salary enhancement, transfer, re-designation etc. So, you will arrange date wise like, latest date will be on top and accordingly next.

Job Description: Keep a copy of his Job Description.

Appointment Letter: Keep a copy of the appointment letter that has been issued to him.

Application for Provident Fund or other Benefits: If, the colleague has any other applications or forms related to employee lifecycle keep here.

Reference and Background Checking Form: The forms and documents used as reference and background checking, can be kept here.

Candidate Assessment Form: It is also called the interview form or applicant assessment form which has been rated by the interviewer at the time of the interview.

Employment Test’s Answer Script: If he has given any employment test, then keep that answer sheet.

Manpower Requisition Form: At first the respective department head has forwarded this form. By which the recruitment process was started, keep here.

Administrative Documents: Put a file separator or flap name as Administrative Documents.

Disciplinary Records: If the colleague has any disciplinary issues records, keep here.

Vehicle-Related Documents: If, any company vehicle is issued to him then, keep the agreement and receiving documents along with the vehicle’s legal papers.

Nomination/Visa related Documents: If any keep here.

Personal Documents: Put a file separator or flap name as Personal Documents.

Employee Information Form/Employee Transcript: It may be a prescribed form developed by HR department and the candidate will fill-up the form and send softcopy to HR. Softcopy helps HR to easily copy and paste that information where necessary as software/database.

Color Photo of Nominee(s): Nominee who will receive the payment if the colleague dies.

NID/Passport of Nominee(s): Nominee who will receive the payment if the colleague dies.

Previous Companies’ Experience Letters: The copy of experience letters of previous organizations will be verified and kept here.

Immediate past Organization’s Salary Certificate: If the salary of the immediate past organization has been disclosed and was a ground of this employment, then that will be verified and kept here.

Training and Other Certificates: Keep a copy of all his training and other related certificates here.

Academic Certificates: Keep a copy of all his academic certificates and records here. However, you will arrange the certificates lower to higher.

Income Tax Certificate: Copy of TIN certificate will be kept here.

Driving Certificate (if): Importantly handle it for drivers’ or self-driven colleagues’ personal file. It may be flexible for others.

NID/Birth Certificate: Firstly, you will try to keep a copy of NID. However, if someone’s NID is yet to prepare, take his birth certificate’s copy.

Passport: Who has the passport, keep a copy of his passport.

Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV): Finally, a resume or CV will be kept at the end of the file. The old photographs may be attached to the CV.

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